Friday, October 22, 2010

Where to Start!!!!

Ok so first off we will go back to my graduation on May 6, 2010 and the graduation pictures my friend Kamill took earlier in the year. She is amazing!!
Some of my work peeps that came to my graduation dinner. Sorry laysha, I know you where prego but you where super you all!!!
My mom pinning me at my ceremony.
Daryl and I after my graduation dinner.
My Cheesy brother Justin and adorable niece audrey!!

Kamill and I had a day of adventure going all over St. George taking was a blast with a whole bunch of laughs.....she even got attacked by a horse!

Next, and actually if I remember correctly are some pictures of my sister Jeneeces sealing day with her hubby and kids in the Mount Timpanogas Temple earlier this year.

Jeneece, Ging and me....but Gingers face is not as fun as Jeneece and mine....Sisters...gotta love them!!

Ginger and I in front of the temple after the was awesome....and sunny!! Gotta love sisters!

Me and my sister Jeneece at the dinner afterwards.

Ginger and I chilling with the kids afterwards trying not to squint to badly

Ohhh aren't we so cute!!!
Then we just have some random stuff through the rest of the year.....

Laysha's baby shower that I threw with the amazing help of shauna( the one in the pink) and stephanie from work!!! I love my co-workers, they are the best! Yes she is drinking a bottle, fun baby shower game....Peggy in the red from work and one of layshas best friend nicole from oregon.
Girlies at the baby shower!!

Me, Laysha, and Jack!!

Drink up ladies!

Laysha with her plethora of food and her monkey cupcake cake.....

Shauna, steph (with lexie), laysha, and me at our Friday lunch date.....occurring still about every other my girlies!!!

The things we create at work....a graduation hat for a patient that was finally leaving after like a month....yes....normally this is what we put in the toilet to catch our patients urine.....we use what we have.....

Me at my first bonfire on the beach with daryl, we were just south of santa was for my birthday this last year. loved it!
Chilling with our bonfire to keep us warm!
I loved my headlight, I was very helpful by shining Daryl in the eyes over and over again while we were trying to carry all our bonfire stuff down. He thought I was pretty funny with it, and he loves my cheesy smile too!!!

And here is his cheesy smile....Just in the car getting ready to go somewhere....
He loves my kisses!!!

This last weekend I went and saw my family for the first time in like 4 months....and my little niece Kiya has gotten huge and even cuter!!! It was fun, we ate yummy food and hung with the family and played games. I need to go home more often!

And my little nephew Garrin has grown and turns out loves taking and having his picture taken, this is just one of many!!!
Ok, so that is my photo collage to catch up a little bit....more has happened, but I just don't have pictures. So I passed my nursing boards in June, and yes it was the worst couple of days of my life....I felt bi-polar trying to decide if I felt like I passed or not.....but luckily I did. I have been practicing as a nurse since then and have been loving it. I still have so much to learn, but it has been great. Daryl moved out here from California about a month and a half ago and is still looking for a job so pray for him. He plans to go back to school and then who knows where we will go......well....I think Ihave updated enough....hope there are still people out there to read this. I love you all and would love to hear from any of you!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Where have I been?

Well, for anybody who even reads this anymore, which at this point I bet is no one....I have been around. Quick update, I'm working as a nurse in St. George still and I'm working nights. I will find some more pics to post and try to update soon. I really do want to blog....I just never do. More to come!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Light at the End of the Tunnel and Spring Break

Here is my graduation invitation, sorry not everyone is getting one, I didn't really think about everyone I needed to send one to when I was printing them so everyone is invited, I just couldn't get them all out!! My graduation pics won't load right now so I'll load them on a separate entry!

So over spring break in March I went to disneyland and huntington beach and LA, to Hollywood. A quick sidenote, I seem to blog when I have the most to get done, not when I'm bored....little weird, but true. So here are some pictures. The weather was perfect in the 70's and the lines weren't long!!! Perfection!
Huntington Beach, super windy, but beautiful day

La Brea Tar Pits in LA, pretty freaking cool

Walk of fame, Frank Sinatra and Julie Andrews

Marilyn Monroe, and underneath it the inscription says "gentleman prefer blondes"

Hugh Jackman

Hard Rock in Hollywood, David Cook totally sat at the table next to us and my friend linds took a pic of her kids with him, it was kinda cool to see a real life star!!! =-)

Me at the castle in disneyland

Getting on spacemountain, I feel like I look like a little kid all excited, I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty excited. I think we rode it like 5 times and I swear it's faster then it was....

Me at the bugs life 3d show, it's a fun little show to go to I just love the glasses!

We ate at the blue bayou and they had the yummiest gumbo and monte cristo sandwich, to die for!!! It's to dark to see the pirates ride going behind us, but it's there!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Where in the WORLD has time gone!!!

So honestly, I decided tonight to get onto my blog, since it has been FOREVER and see when the last time I wrote was and yea, that would be Yea, little bit of a slacker. But that is ok! Quick update, Passed last semester with a 3.88 I think and on to my last semester of nursing school, so crazy I know, who knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel!!

So I don't really have many pictures to post, so I'll will just post the couple I have since the last time I wrote and tell ya what they are and then as always, I will try to keep up with my blogging!! =-)

So here I am on a weekend home with my super cute little niece Kiya Leanne.....I love her it's just fluffed but it's totally curly!
Here I am in front of the Oakland Temple over the Thanksgiving when Daryl took me up to see the light display and walk around the grounds.

I love this pic of my friend linds, we laughed so hard. This is at my friend Brit's B-day party in November and she was taking a pic of us....

Here is Brit, Me, and Sarah at the pizza factory for Brit's B-day!

This was moving day for my sister into my parents house and I was there to help and we were cold and trying to cover up our double chins!!

Just a little sisterly love!!

This was my co-workers bachelorette party at texas roadhouse with a bunch of other co-workers, it was a crazy night....but I left before the real craziness began!!! But I love these girls!
So there atleast are some random pictures so that you all know that I am alive amazingly enough! Daryl did take me to Wicked and it was sooooooo amazing I would go every weekend if I could, and Daryl even liked it!! So I'm about 3 weeks into my semester and it's weird because it doesn't seem like it's supposed to be over yet, but at the same time it's a sense of relief. It is a little worrisome thinking of all the things I feel I need to know, but I'm hoping it all just comes in time! Oh, and many of you probably don't know I'm living in a condo that my family bought. I live by myself which is a little weird at times, but other times it's great! Well, That's all I can think of right now, I will, as always, say I will make some kind of an effort to keep up on my blog, but no promises, all I can do is try! Love you all!!!