Friday, January 2, 2009

December (and some) Fun!!!

Ok, I can't believe that I'm finally sitting down to do some blogging, this is amazing to me, this could be a long one, so all of you should be prepared. First off, finals went great for me. I got a 92% on my comprehensive nursing final and didn't even study, boy was I proud of myself since that will probably never happen again as long as I live. I really just have some pics that I really want to get put up because I love them. So first of all, I just love this picture so I have to post it. i was watching my friends kids over night and we had a little fun with the camera.

These are my adopted niece and nephew Ella and Dylan, and I love Dylans face in this, it makes me crack up everytime I see it, so classic, I just had to post it. This is me and ella sporting our piggy tails that we are so proud of, aren't we so cute.

So now really getting into December up at the Tuacahn theater they have a nativity and santa and lights, so me and some friends went on up to see. Brittany, lindsey and I missed the nativity, but got to sit on santa's lap that made the whole trip well worth the drive.

Lindsey and I in front of the lit up wagon

Brittany and I sportin' our stuff!
And Santa's lap, no worries, we asked him for world peace!

Next we had a little stop at panda express for dinner and Brittany and I were very impressed with the huge panda panted on the wall, if you haven't seen him, you should definitely check him out, he's huge!

Brittany and I made a new friend this day! (PS, brittany please forgive me for my delay in getting these pics up especially since I pressured you to get them to me so speedily, I still love you)!

Another new thing that has occured is that yes, I am domestic and I am so proud of myself.....

Exhibit one(and the only one as a matter of fact), the beanie that I crochetted myself, yes my friends, I did that and you could not even imagine how proud of myself I was to do it. My friend Hailie at work showed me, and I went crazy. It was so much fun so now I can call myself domestic.

Next on the list are my cute friends. We had a friends party at a hotel, which I was so tired for, but it was so good to see my cute little friends who I hardly ever get to see.

Sarah and I taking our own picture in the hotel lobby. Us in front of the fireplace in the lobby. It was snowing out of control up in Salt Lake this night it was crazy!

You can barely see sarah and melissa because of all the snow! This is when we were leaving the restaurant and going to our hotel room.
And Lisa in her beautiful wedding dress! You look beautiful Lisa!

So now, on to christmas! I drove home from the Friday before christmas and spent a bunch of time with my family which was awesome. Christmas eve was fun, we played games, laughed a lot about appropriate and inappropriate things as my family tends to do, Jeneece with razor will be one of my great highlighted memories, feel free to ask anyone who really wants to know, but really, i'm not sure you want to. Christmas morning was great, same as the norm, front room with all the presents and the tree. I got some really good things, gift cards, clothes, jewelry box, new robe, lots of new movies, overall is was great to be with the family!

Chillin with the stockings, don't we look good in the morning!
The tree!

The Loot!!

Me and garrin (I mean lets be honest, this blog is partially dedicated to me showing off my cute nieces and nephews)!

Joe trying to stay warm under garrins tiny blanket and Joe is not the smallest of people.

When you are hungry, your hungry! Isn't he just so adorable!!!!

So Christmas afternoon we all took off. My parents to Alabama (which actually ended up getting delayed until the nexgt day) Me to my vacation in sunny california for five days and Jeneece and joe down to delta to see the in-laws.

So on to my California adventure! It was so great, I got there Christmas night and spend the evening with my adopted family the Evans. We played games and ate lots of food and just enjoyed the day. The next day we hung out with the family again and just chilled. Saturday we went to San Francisco, and It was so awesome. First we went to Alcatraz.

The sea lions down at fishermans wharf, they were super cute!

Me at alcatraz looking at the city, isn't it so beautiful!

Alcatraz, it was pretty awesome to go throught the jail, it was amazing to see, it sure made me never want to go to jail. They even put me in solitary confinement and shut the door, it was very dark and I was a little scared, but I luckily get out in a couple seconds, I couldn't imagine being in there for days!

A view of San Fran from Alcatraz

On the boat on our way to alcatraz.

I got to ride the cable cars around, which actually was a long wait to get on, but it was super fun to ride. We went to cheesecake factory that sits on like the 13th floor of Macey's department store in the middle of downtown San Fran. The wait was forever, but the food was delicious and the view was amazing. Anyone who goes there get the avocado egg rolls, they are to die for!!!

For dessert we went to good old Ghiradelli Square, yummy yummy, I ate good!

Down on fishermans wharf I got to open up my own pearls right out of the oysters and make my own jewelry, I made a beautiful necklace that I don't have a picture of but will try to post one cause it's pretty.

This is me and the lady helping me open up my oysters to get my beautiful pearls. I have one more that I think I want to put in a ring or something. The weather was a little cold, but it was so beautiful. That night we headed down to monterey to hit the aquarium the next day The sea otters were my favorite, they were so freaking adorable! They are so playful and cute!
The views of the bay were so incredible!

The jellyfish exhitbit was so cool to watch. It was a trip to watch them all swimming around.

This is just a quick snap of downtown monterey, it's such a fun, cute little town in the bay. we then went and ate at the monterey fish house which had amazing food, super yummy clam chowder and creme i said, i ate good all weekend!
Next was Carmel, and the 17 mile drive around pebble beach, and it was so amazingly beautiful. I have so many pictures, but I'm only posting some, but it was beautiful, the beaches, the waves, and even the cute little city of Carmel was adorable.

Pebble Beach baby!

We were walking on the beach and we set our sandles down and the water came up so high so fast Daryl had to pick me up to keep from getting taken out from the water and his leather sandles got soaked, and the water was not warm just for the record. I love the beach and now want to live in california!
I was so excited when I convince Daryl to take a picture with me since he is anti camera cause I was getting tired of it being only me in all the pictures, we needed a little variety! We stopped at a bunch of the little places and ate yummy, and super expensive, sandwiches at the pebble beach market, it must be were all the pro's eat, i felt pretty cool. The houses there were so huge and unique, it was like driving through a movie set.

Next was Santa Cruz, which I had never been to and fell completely in love with it. I got like 3 shirts there and ate clam chowder on the pier, and it was to die for....LOVE IT!!!
This is my favorite picture from off the pier because of the amazing colors from the sunset in the water, this is my current screen saver on my computer!

Me on the pier at sunset!

The boardwalk, doesn't it just look fun!

The bay!

More of the boardwalk.

The last day in california I just ate good food yet again at BJ's pizza, slept in, shopped a little and hopped on my plane. I didn't want to leave though, it felt like I was leaving a dream and going back to real life, which really is what it was. The flight back was late at night and the dumb airline sent my bag to burbank california, so I had to wait til the next day to drive back up to the airport and get it, it was such a pain, because then I had to turn around and drive right back to St. George to make it back in time for work. But one good thing came out of it, I got to see some friends from my mission at the airport when I went back to get my bag the next day.

Brittany, Ruthann, and mee, and I had nothing that morning to get ready so I was in jammies and whatever I could find to go to the airport in and get my bag. Ruthann was a fellow sister from the mish and Brittany was one of my super cute little converts (on the left).
Ok, so now that I have loaded up on lots of pictures and random details, all is well on the homefront. My next semester starts next tuesday and I'll be doing maternal newborn, pharmacology, peds, and b-med, definitely enough to keep me busy. I may be going to to vegas this weekend with some friends for some fun, but other than that you all have just seen what I have been up to this month. I will try really hard to blog more often so I don't jam it all in at once. HAPPY NEW YEARS to all of you, can you believe it's 2009....what happened to 2008! Love you all!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Ok, not that a ton of you follow my blog but I have a whole bunch of things to blog about and put pictures up, I just haven't yet because I didn't have internet for a while, i was busy with finals, holidays, being on vacation, I'm at work and just wanting to send a quick shout out to say soon following will be post with a great deal of catch up....sorry for such a wait, I know all of you are so excited....that's all...