Monday, August 25, 2008

Will I really survive this?!?!?

Ok, so this is going to just be a short little blog, with no pictures...I know, not as fun. Well I've made it down here to the desert and am pretty much settled in, not fully, but close enough to survive. I came down Saturday and spent the weekend unpacking and taking it easy. Today (Monday) was a long day and wish allready the semester were over....just 17 weeks to go....wahoo! So I've decided they think they need to lay the most on you your first semester to see if you can survive it....seriously, I wanted to poke my eyes out after orientation meeting. I sat there thinking the whole time, "is this really possible to fit all of this in in one semester while working....I'm never going to get sleep..." I had all the usual thoughts of why am I doing this....can I quit now.....what was I thinking.....!! I came home, had a little cry, said a little prayer and thought, don't know how, but this is all going to work out. Soon after work called and added another thing for me to add to my virtually unbendable school schedule. I decided the nursing program wants to make it seem as hard as they possibly can. Also, get this, we are split into different groups for labs and some people have 2 weeks to get all their labs done to start clinicals, pretty hefty and they have to read 129 pages from their texts by tonight.....I know...seriously, I'm glad I'm not in that group. The girl sitting next to me this whole time unfortunately was in that group and I gave her a great deal of sympathy. She was super nice and is my first official friend that I have made down here, YEA for me!!! We'll I really have so much to do it's ridiculous, I feel like I can't even think of it head hurts....well, all of you please keep me in your prayers, because boy do I need it right now. It's so weird to also be living alone, i'm not sure what to think about it all yet, but it seems like I won't even have a chance to think about it. I must go, but I'm here, safe and sound and kickin.....kind you all!

Friday, August 22, 2008

A couple goodbyes.....

Ok, so I totally need to apologize for putting so many new posts up at one time. I haven't had a lot of time, and now I'm running out of time so I trying to catch up before I leave, which happens to be tomorrow. For those of you wondering, I have a temporary place to live, but am still up in the air for the second half of the semester, though I know something will work out. Heavenly Father always takes care of me. Once I get down there I won't have as much access to the internet so I'm trying to get in as much as I can now before I'm down there. So here are some last pics of my friends and family right before I leave.

My friend Stephanie came in town from Oregon to do a play that she is in about Nephi. We all met for lunch so here we are at the Pizza Factory. On the left is Stephani with little Sage, then me holding Inara(hope I spelled that right), Kelsey's newest addition. Then Kels, and Sarah with little Michael. Aren't my friends so beautiful, they are the best in the world, I love you guys!!

That night I went to my sisters house and she made some delicious taco soup, one of my favorite meals, and boy was it good. This is my cute little nephew, Garrin, just out of the tub. He's in his

sweet cow towel. You need to blow this picture up because lets be honest, he is so freaking adorable I just want to hug the picture. He just turned a year old this month. Oh he's so cute!!

Again, isn't he just so cute, just look at him!!
A little close up of us!
Oh, I just want to squeeze him to death.......

Me and my sista....isn't she so cute!!!

Us with Trevin and Jess!
The girls, Neece, momma, and me!

Throwing the Marshall, and Western gang signs, we so thug.....
Joe, Neece, and Me!!

Well, this will be the last post from good old Orem. I will try really hard to post regularly while I'm down there. Everyone please stay in touch! I will be up regularly. Sorry so many pics lately, I just had a lot of people I wanted to get on my post. I love you all so dearly....make comments, email me, call, any of the above. Yea, for a new adventure.....St. George, here I come!!


I love the outdoors!!! Jeremy, Emily, Brannick, and myself decided to take a backpacking trip up to the high uintas, and boy was it beautiful. We of course all looked great, so here are some of the pictures of our fun overnight trip.

Emily and Brannick
All of us ready to head out! My pack is monstrous, I took Emily out with it atleast once, the first little bit of walking Emily and Brannick kept laughing at how big my pack just shows how tough I am....right...?
Emily and I allready for our hike, Emily is all ready for the sun with her hiking hat!
Ok, so this picture will forever make me laugh. On the way up Brannick was talking about his nice fishing poles and Jeremy was saying he's to scared to bring his nice ones up here in case they were to break. Emily was out for a nice fish, had a nice cast and noticed, wait, something is wrong here....she started reeling in her pole and noticed whole top of the pole had flown off into the lake. Her face was priceless, she felt so horrible, but I couldn't stop laughing. So here she is with half a pole.

Emily with her blinding head lamp and roasting marshmallows, a must when camping!
I was freezing cold, so I went for the old stylish sock and sandal look!

Here we are eating the brook trout and cutthroat they caught for breakfast, it was sooooo delicious!!!

Here we are heading back out of the mountains the next day!
Jeremy and I in front of Weir Lake.

Emily posing in front of Weir Lake.
Emily and Brannick!
Jeremy and Brannick.
Emily and I!
This is a view of one of the first lakes we went by, Long Lake. It was so beautiful up there, it's just amazing to see it. We passed a whole bunch of different lakes and we also lost the trail and did a little off roading if you will. Brannick was determined to go swimming, but none of us were willing to get in. Overall, this was a great trip. I was sick all night and most of the morning though unfortunately, I threw up and felt like death had come over me. By the time we hiked back out though I had gotten it out of my system. It was a good trip, and loved the beauty of it and the feel of being in the outdoors.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My last day at work, THE GREEN TEAM!!

So my last day at work we organized a little "Green Gang" if you will. As you can see we have a sign and all, so don't mess with us. Everyone seemed to notice all day just how many of us were in green scrubs. It was connecting time for all of us. Some of us couldn't keep a "thug" kind of face.

A couple days before we had a little hot dog party at Cory, the best pharmacist ever, house. Someone brought some baked beans that were beyond delicious and I think Amy and I ate the whole pot, it not all, close to.....

For those of you who haven't noticed the newest trend, Amy is sporting it here, the tucking of her scrub pants into her croc, only the cool people do it.

My last day was a blast, we had cake, and fun for all. I'll just post some of my fav pics with my fav people!!!

Me and Amy!!
Me and Angel! Emily, Jamie, and Chelsey getting excited for my cake!
Me and my cake!
Chelsey was very excited to lick the knife!

Good shot, I was hungry!
My cake cut up and being enjoyed!
Most of you allready know who this is, LINDY!!

Just a little note, my camera was taken and used without my knowledge of what was being done with it, these next pictures may be a little gross for some of you, but please know that no one was hurt or really drinking what you think they may be drinking.....

I'm not going to lie, I'm not even sure what to write for these.....

My peeps at work, throwing the gang signs and supposedly working inbetween it all!
Me and Melissa!!
Me and Cory!
Me and Jamie Ann Young!!

How cute all my little cute friends are! Well, my last day was sad! I will mainly miss all the people that I got to work with, but no worries, I'm coming back! You all rock and will miss the fun times, and even some of the not so fun times! All I have to say though is when the Green Gang is in town, don't mess!!! Love you all! Thanks for a great last day!

Catch up time...

Ok, so I haven't written for some time, my bad!! So I will get some pics and update you all on what's going on with me. First of all I have seen a bunch of people lately. I've tried to get caught up with as many friends and family as possible.

So Here are some of my mission pals! On top we have Alese and myself and then next is Linds and me. Alese is getting married....HURRAY, and Linds is heading off to South America for a new adventure.

Next was another get together with some of all my high school friends. We decided one last get together before we all separate more than we allready are. Here are some pics of my favorite people.

Here are only some of my cute little friends!!

Kelsey's little girl was not all about getting her picture taken, obviously!
Still not excited about it, and for some reason Kels is sticking out her tongue, not sure if it's on purpose or not!
Here they are again!

Us trying to take our own pic, it's the only way to do it! Me and sarah!
These are some of my last little get togethers! My friends are the best and I will miss being so close to them it makes me so sad to leave! We've been friends forever so I know I'll still see them all the time!!! Well, time for my next post!!!