Friday, April 24, 2009

Time flies by....

Well hello out there blogger world, I have not written in a long time, and I don't have a ton to update on, but I do have a few pictures just for fun. So it's been almost 2 months and I have had so much school work to do since then that time to blog has not even been a thought, until now....only one more pharmacology test to go and then the summer will truly be here for me. I've done good this semester but it has been so hectic and crazy I felt like I was a chicken with my head cut off, it was crazy...but inbetween the madness I was able to do a couple fun go home and finally see my family for a weekend!

So first of all, an announcement, yes I am pregnant.......NOT!
Turns out my sister is but she wouldn't take any pregnant pictures with me unless I made myself look pregnant, so underneath that jacket is a folded up baby blanket my baby, sorry to disappoint you all! Isn't my sister sucha cute pregant lady, she's bigger now, this was back in March, she's about to pop!

I love this picture, my little 18 month nephew just chills when the TV is on, so this his him beginning his many years of "being a man" and watch the boob tube, he was soo mesmorize by it it was hilarious.

Me and my little nephew trevin chillin on a Sunday afternoon!

This is one of my favorite my mom and dad have the wii fit, so my little 18 month old nephew garrin wants to be a part of it when everyone else is doing it so we pull out a little white scale to put it next to the wii balance board and he joins right in with his papa, it's so freakin cute, I love it!!!
Next, I finally made it to Zions....turns out I have lived in Utah my whole life and never gone to Zions. So Daryl, who is from Cali, came out and he took me there for my first time, it was soooo beautiful!

We hiked Angels landing, which no children should ever hike because I made it up part of the way, but the last half mile you have to hang onto a chain because it's so narrow or you will plummet to your death, so Daryl had to hold my hand the whole way up and down because I have a little issue with heights......

But at the top, the view was worht it and boy was it don't do it justice!

This is almost to the top, but not quite there, you can't see it on my face here but I was freaking out about being so close to the edge and it's a long ways down!

Isn't it just so beautiful!!! I love it!

This was one of our beginning views at the first part of our hike......It was a hard hike, lots of switchbacks, but it was soooo was really, really windy at the top, I thought I was going to get blown off....I kept telling Daryl to tell my family that I love them if I don't make it....but obviously here I am....still alive!

Another adventure I had was driving to Cali with Daryl....he needed some company for the long drive back to San Jose and I wanted to see the Kreys (a senior couple from my mission) who live an hour outside San Jose....So I took advantage and went out. I was only there for 2 days.....but it was so good to see them....They are the sweetest people in the world, salt of the earth kinda people....

This is me with the huge would carving of Oscie, the Cal state mascot....he's carved out of a huge piece of redwood I think and sits right on their front porch....I was a big fan!
Brother Krey is a dentist and was on the school board out there in Brentwood for years so they named a elementary school after him....isn't that the coolest!!!

And here I am with Brother and Sister Krey, aren't they so cute. We went over to Brother Krey's dental office to each lunch with him....don't they just look so amazing...they are some of my favorite people ever!!!
So lets see, what else is there to report....I have one final left and then I will just be working full time at the hospital over the summer. I was planning on taking my LPN but with the economy no one is really hiring LPN's and you have to work at your highest license so I would lose my job as a CNA at the I opted not to take it. Though, I did take the predictor test and it said I had a 98% chance of passing which made me feel good, like I'm learning some things. Today before I came to work we had our LPN graduation party which was a nice little BBQ to celebrate the end of the semester....thank heavens, I thought this semester would never end. So now that I don't have so much school to worry over, maybe I will be able to blog more....YEA!!! Hopefully I will start taking more pictures too! Well, that's about it for now....I'm signing off, but will hopefully be keeping more updated now!!!