Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School has begun...

Ok all, so yes, it has been a while since I have blogged...which is pretty normal for me. Well my third semester has begun, which means only one more after this. I get to go to the ER, Cardiac Unit, ICU, and Same Day Surgery this semester. I'm pretty excited for all of them and I start clinicals tomorrow. I even have begun practicing IV's....it was a little nerve racking at first, but now not so bad

And here it is....my first IV.....Thanks Katie....I had to stick her 3 times to finally get it in right....we are each others pin cushions. I have practiced other times, and even on a fellow co-worker which has made for great practice. I'm excited to get a little better at it that's for sure. We are 2 1/2 weeks into the semester and I'm allready counting down the days....is that bad????

Well, I have a couple of pictures to put up from my last California trip, which was sooooo great. One day we spent the whole day at the beach in Santa Cruz, we even ate the best clam chowder there and I got a couple new shirts. We also went to a Dodgers/Giants game which was super fun....Dodgers won....but the ballpark was sooo cool, it's right on the bay and we were front row, center field....LOVED IT!!!

This place was so cool actually, before we went to the game we went over to Fort Point which is right under the golden gate bridge and it's just an old fort right on the bay....it was so windy I thought we were gonna get blown right off the walls.
We are just little specks but i think it's so cool us right uner the golden gate bridge. It was so cold and foggy this day to you couldn't even see the bridge unless you were right under it like we are here.

Here are Daryl and I on the third floor of the fort looking out over the bay...the bridge is kinda in the way though!=-)

This is looking from Fort Point to the citty, you can kinda tell how foggy it was, but the air was so wet it was crazy.

Here we are at AT&T park watching the giants lose to the Dodgers, it was such a cool game, I loved it so much.

Here is Jimmy Chung in his Giants hat, and Daryl in his Dodgers hat....there was a bit of a heat rivalry here between friends...but it was all in fun....even when i had peanuts and sunflowers seeds thrown at me because I was wearing a Dodgers hat....crazy baseball fans....and boy do they get drunk!!!

I just had to put this picture up because Daryl's face is my favorite here....this is after we had spent all day just laying on the beach on the most perfect day.

And here I am on the Pier at Santa Cruz eating some of the yummiest clam chowder I have ever eaten in my life.....so good....now I want some!!!

Well, that's about it for now. I do have to say that Daryl bought me tickets to go to Wicked in San Francisco this weekend and I am more than excited....WOOHOO!!! we are probably going to go to another Dodgers/Giants game again too....yes I know, I am a little spoiled, but that is OK!!! Well, hopefully I'll have fun things to blog about soon.....