Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Latest in Life

So, ya know how I only blog like twice a year, well I figured it was time to do it again. So here are some pictures of a couple random things, not much, but atleast stuff to blog about!

So, here are me and some co-workers who volunteered at the Ironman St. George triathalon May 7th, 2011. We were at a run aid station and handed out all sorts of things to the runners. It was pretty inspiring to watch and cheer on these runner. It baffled my mind that they could swim 2.5 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26 miles.....CRAZY!!!! Our station was western themed and it was warm out but we had a great time.

Eating, it is what the men do best. Chad, Jeff, and Ezra (who was full on western style). We were so proud of his team spirit!

Me and the real cowboy Ezra!

Me and my lovely Stacie! Love ya Stac!!!

Chad, Stacie, Honee, Rebecca, Jessica, Oakley, Peggy, and me getting ready at our station!

Michelle, Stacie, Rebecca, and me just showing up together!

So next was a little trip I took to visit my brother who was in Las Vegas for a civil engineering convention. We decided to take a trip to visit the Hoover Dam, which I had never seen before. They built this new bridge the goes by the Hoover Dam instead of over it and Justin wanted to see the new bridge since he is all nerdy likes that engineering stuff. It was actually pretty cool though to see it and see what they have done. We drove across the bridge and went and walked on the Hoover Dam too. It's pretty amazing and huge!

My nerdy brother "holding" the bridge. We are standing on the Dam looking at the bridge.

Me and my lovely brother on the Dam.

Me standing on the Hoover Dam. It is massive!

This is the walkway on the bridge looking at the Dam.

Holy big! In person it looks a lot bigger I promise.

So Here are just two pictures of Daryl and in San Francisco in Union Square. In December we went out to California for Daryl's nephew DJ's mission farewell and I didn't take any pictures except for these couple. I wasn't really in a picture taking mode, and any of you folk who know Daryl know he HATES having his picture taken and most of the time he just lets me if he can tell I really want to, but sometimes it's more of a struggle. These couple he was willing. These are his nephew and niece Dylan and Ella with us.

AREN'T WE SOOOOO CUTE!!! I think so atleast! This is our backgroud picture for our computer. Yes, we bought a computer together because yes we one day will be getting married it is just figuring out when and when he decides to finally do the asking.

So, there are some pictures to atleast give some entertainment for any readers out that that even still read this, which I am guessing is very few at this point. So, new for me, not much! I'm still working on the cardiovascular unit in St. George and working at night which is horribly hard, but I'm dealing with staying up all night as best as I can. I also bought a new bike that I LOVE!!!!! It is a hybrid, so not road and not mountain, but it is a beaut!! The furthest I have ridden it is 15 miles and my butt was sore, but a doctor told me the other day that you must "bum train." Whatever that means!!

Here is a picture of me with my wonderful bike! I don't look great by any because I took this at like 11 o'clock at night, but, here is my bike. Also, I remembered so other pics I have. My friend Sarah and her husband came down a couple of months ago and I have like 10 random pics when he got a hold of the camera, but don't worry, I'm only posting two that he took for us.

Sarah and I talking while Brent was just snapping away in every which way.

Here is a normal pic of us.....I miss my little best friends!!! It's so nice when people come visit! Love you Sarah!

Also, Kelsey and Spencer came down for a little visit a couple months ago also!

Here we are chilling on my couch! It was so great to have you guys here, Love you so much!!

Oh, and of course I can't forget a pic of lunch with my work girlies!!! This one was taken right after christmas, at our normal lunch spot, Olive Garden.

So, that is about it! Oh, yea, I also finally sold my cute little Acura Integra finally. It was sad, I almost cried, but I got a Honda Accord that I love soooo much! I am also going to Alabama this week to visit my brother and sister and their family and I am way excited! I really need to get out of this place for a while. Well, that is about it for now, maybe, like I always say, I will try to keep updating, but no promises!!!