Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Last Year in a Nutshell

So once upon a time I had a blog, that I updated atleast every couple of months. That obviously has not been the case. I realized that it has been over a year since I updated my blog. I decided that I better update, and to be honest, the only real thing that has happened it obviously that I GOT MARRIED!!!! So since I am not going to remember the whole last year, let us just go back to December. Lets say December 7th to be exact. I had been bugging the crap out of Daryl to just finally propose because I knew he had had the ring for months. I have our engagements shoot scheduled and everything, even the temple was booked, and I just wanted my dang ring. So, I never thought he would have done it on a day I worked, but low and behold, as I drove home talking to my friend Maci on the phone, I realized that their were lights on in my house when I got home and was a little confused. As I unlocked the door and walked in, and keep in mind I was still on the phone just chatting away, I walked into this
Now, obviously I didn't have the ring on, but Daryl was there with candles, rose petals, etc....kneeling there waiting for me.  I was on the phone and was like....ummm I gotta go.  Anyways, I was so surprised and I really didn't think Daryl was going to be able to surprise me.  It was so romantic yet simple, which is why I loved it.  I'm not a do it in front of everyone kind of girl. 
So here is a little shot of us.  The picture doesn't do it all justice of course, but it was wonderful, and obviously I said yes.    So the wedding date was already set for February 17th in the Salt Lake Temple.  Now I just had to do all the planning, which I'm not gonna lie, I hated.  Not my thing.  We did engagements right before Christmas on Dec. 20th.  I will post just a couple of my favorites, but I had soooooo many that I loved.  I had the best photographer ever.  Emily Lesher was the best and she did all my pictures from engagements, bridals, to the wedding day and I have over 800 pictures total, so way to many to post.  So here are some from engagements.

Like I said, there were so many, so here are just a couple of them.  Then in January we did Bridals/Groomals at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.  Again, there are so many that I will only post some of these, but I really did have an amazing photographer.  So here are some bridals

 For those of you who know Daryl, this is his personality totally caught on picture, I love it!!

Then came the wedding day.  I am so not a planner for something like this.  I tried to save money so I decided to make all the centerpieces myself, which was quite time consuming, and not very fun.  I loved the way they turned out though, it was just a totally stressful time to get all of it done.  The wedding day turned out so great though.  After all the stress of planning it, the day was just so WONDERFUL!!!  I really wasn't even stressed that day, after the morning got going atleast since I was running late.  I had so many friends and family that helped me out more than I could ever express, and they helped this day become one of the most special and wonderful days ever.  I have so many wedding pictures, so I will just try to pick out some of my favorites to show here.

 Love ALL of my family and friends!

 Love my girlfriends!!!
 Daryls Zoolander look, he did pretty darn good if you ask me.

 This is my sweet niece Avery, I think she thought I was a disney princess or something.
 We decided beforehand to be nice with the cake situation.

 My sweet niece Audrey!
 I was so glad to be out of that dress and those heels!
 Kels and Spencer singing "When You Say Nothing At All" It was phenomenal!

So next is just a couple of pictures of the reception mainly.
 This is when we arrived at the luncheon.
 So I gathered a billion sticks it seems like for these vases and I made all these balls and all the paper flowers, and it was quite the experience.

And this was my yummy and beautiful cake.  Not that I got that much of it.  I seemed like I barely even got to eat, which was totally fine, I loved being with all my family and friends.  So there are a million more but I am so bored with uploading pictures at this point, if you want to see more come hang out with me.  I have so many people I need to get some pictures to from my wedding, oh well eventually.

So now everyone wants to know what has been going on since, well we went on a nice little couple day honeymoon up the coast of california, but our real honeymoon is going to be in Hawaii in September, which I am so flipping excited for.
 So this is in Pismo Beach

 I am unsure what beach this is, but it was beautiful. The one underneath is at San Simeon and this was our balcony and this is what we had right outside our door, it was so beautiful and wonderful to fall asleep to the waves.
 So, what have we been doing since, well not much, but we have some neighbors who like to come and hang out a lot and this is Daryl introducing Lyle to Punch Out on the Wii, and I was almost peeing my pants watching the video, which isn't very good quality, sorry.  They looked so funny trying to do this.  Also, went to Hoover Dam for Daryls birthday which is shown below.
 FYI it was so freaking windy and it was 105 degrees outside this day.  I wanted to die.  And yes I did cut my hair off 3 weeks after the wedding, here it has actually grown out a bit since I cut it, but it was so windy and I was so sweaty it was gross.

  Other than that Daryl got called to be Elders Quorum President a week after we got home from our wedding, he was not excited, but he is doing awesome.  It keeps him pretty darn busy though because he is in school full time and works full time, so sometimes I feel like I never get to see him.  I just got called this last week into the Young Womens Presidency so we will be nice and busy.  Daryl is just finishing up finals this week so he will have a couple week break between semesters.  Well, that is us in a nutshell.  I am loving married life.  We love being together and it has been wonderful.  I will try so much harder to update more regularly because uploading all these pictures was a pain!!!  Well, hope everyone is doing well and that I didn't lose anyone reading from the millions of pictures!!