Saturday, October 25, 2008


I'm so excited that I finally have internet regularly and can now post some pictures. So I will update on the last couple of weeks. First, since I have never been too upbeat about moving to St. George, one thing that I really loved is in the first place I lived down here there was an amazing view of the sunset every night, so here is some pictures, though, it doesn't do it justice, it truly is beautiful.

Ok, so last week was semester break, which was really exciting for me because for some reason BYU never had it and it was a very needed break from work and school. One of the main reasons I went home though was for a wedding for my MTC comp, Alese up in Logan, which I have come to fall in love with.

P.S. Those sunglasses I'm wearing are from my mission and are totally broken and hanging on their last legs so I broke down and went and bought a new pair inbetween the sealing and the luncheon but they are still hanging in my car, I couldn't throw them away, total memorabilla(not sure how to spell that word).

So here I am at the logan temple which looks out over the whole city, it really is one of the most beautiful cities in Utah, I totally fell in love.

Here I am with the happy bride. The sealer was one of the most amazing sealers I have ever heard. He seemed to know exactly what to say that perfectly applied to them. It was such a wonderful ceremony and so full of the spirit.

Next I was lucky to be able to have a little breakfast with the pals! It may look like I had just gotten up, but it was 10 o'clock in the morning and I was still in my PJ's, and I spent the whole rest of the day in my PJ's, It was wonderful since I haven't done that for who knows how long. I love being able to get together with my friends, I miss seeing you girls, I LOVE YOU!!!

We also had a little birthday celebration for my little nephew Trevin. He turned 9 and boy is he getting old way too fast. He got some good gifts, including the cool game battleship.

He didn't want a cake so he got moon pies, which are pretty much huge, glorified oreos, which are pretty yummy. Here we are playing a pretty intense game of battleship which I of course won and then he was teased by the other nieces and nephews that he lost to a girl, poor little guy!!

Here we are having a little cuddle time in the recliner!

Such a kissable, little, bony face!! Isn't he so cute!

Here is little Garrin wanting to help me win Trevin at battleship, not much of helper though!

Hangin with the nieces and nephews is my fav!!

Cuddlin' with little hunt man!

So that was pretty much my week at home, hanging with the fam and seeing friends. I don't have any pictures, but I did go and visit my little friends on the 5th floor and many of them weren't there, but some were and boy do I miss you guys!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!

So, I will have another picture or two of this but this morning I did this thing for the nursing program called "The Flu Shoot Out." I think they do this since so many retired folk live down here. We gather at a huge parking lot and people just pull up and we give them there flu vaccinations in their cars, they don't even have to get out, roadside service. It was pretty fun. I did it out in Hurricane, which until this morning I had never had the privilege of visiting that cute little town. So here are a couple of us holding our syringes ready to shoot!! =-) It was kind of weird to finally be doing something nurses really do, even though it's just giving shots it was almost like it made me realize that I'm moving down the path and even getting somewhere doing it! Oh it makes me so happy to be able to post pictures again, I felt like my blog was getting so boring. Not that it's the most exciting thing ever, but I always enjoy pictures. I am finally settled in my apartment, bed, dresser, bookcase, and all(thanks to my daddy, he's the best). It's a great feeling. Next post I'll try to get a picture of my cute room and apartment for you all to see. Just so all my friends and fam know I spent hours updating all my picture frames and pictures in my room today since all my pics are like 5 years or more outdated. Now all my pictures are mainly from the past year. I'm keeping busy with school and work. We pretty much have a test every week for nursing which means constant studying that makes my head want to explode sometimes. I've had some ups and downs in the past couple weeks that have been pretty trying, but overall I'm chugging along and doing well. I miss you all so much and am excited to keep posting!!! Love you all!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Late night update...

So it turns out the time for me to update on my blog seems to be at night, when I'm at work, and when I'm feeling like I'm about to fall asleep. I don't have much to update on, but I am in an apartment. It took weeks but I finally found one that was atleast close to my price range. I moved in last weekend. I have 2 roomates. One of them is in the nursing program with me and the other is in the dental hygiene program. We all have busy schedules and are always studying or working so we actually seem to see each other very seldom. They are super nice girls. I will be in this apartment until my family gets their condo situation worked out. It took weeks and weeks but things finally have worked out for my living arrangements. I still don't have my dresser yet so I'm living out of a couple of different bags. The closet isn't too big so it got filled pretty quick. I should be getting my dresser on saturday and once I get it organized I will take some pictures of my cute and typical college room for you all to see. Nothing exciting, but hey, it will get some more pictures on my blog.
So my momma is down this weekend playing softball in the senior world games. I went to their first game today and they are rockin!! Their team name is baby boomers and they are so great to watch. I will hopefully be able to make it to a couple of their games tomorrow.
School is going well. I scored the highest in the class on the cardiovascular test a week ago, I was so proud of myself. So far I have been doing really well and getting A's on my tests and quizzes. I gave a shot for the first time today and I was a little scared. I was so shakey at first, but luckily my lab partner wasn't scared and told me she trusted me completely....atleast one of us did. After I did it though, it seemed like no big deal. We were even lucky enough to give each other shots in the butt....I still have my little circle band-aid on. =-) I tried to find a picture of some syringes and post them but I'm still a little blogging retarded so I don't know how to get the random pictures of things off the internet, so any of you blogging experts, and many of my wonderful friends out there are, please feel free to give me tips on how to get pics from the internet onto my blog.
Ok, well, that's enough random updates for all of you. Once I get my room settled and organized I will post some pictures of it. So sorry that my blog has been so boring lately!! GO BABY BOOMERS( that ones for my momma, the rockin softball player)!!!!!