Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My this point...

Ok, so this summer has been full of family time and work mainly! The family time was the best. It was the first time since being home from my mission that I really have had some real family time (except we were missing my one brother Adam, if you're reading this I love you and miss you and am praying for you in Iraq). So Really, what it comes down to is that fact that I have TONS of pictures and I want to show them off. I mainly have pics of my beautiful nieces and nephews! We started off going to visity my great grandmother who is 99 years old and she has lead an amazing life. She is such a special and wonderful women who has lead a long and beautiful life. Next, we headed to St. George for another brief stop, where I must add was hotter than crap, 110 degrees! I thought I was going to melt! I have to post this just for my cute little niece, but she was insistant on us wearing matching camo shorts!!

Isn't she just the cutest,(or one of the cutest, I have other nieces and nephews just as adorable) thing in the world!!!
Here in St. George my nephew was baptized before we headed out to Disneyland. I know I allready posted about Disneyland, but boy do I love it and it truly is one of the greatest places in the world!!! I was so tired and exhausted, but ready to keep going! And boy do I love the chocolate covered bananas! It was so sad to leave! (Neece, for some reason I don't really have any pics of you and your good!) Also along with this trip was beach and a brief stop in vegas on the way back home! We kept ourselves very very busy the whole time!! If any of you have the chance, hit the shark aquarium at the Mandalay Bay in vegas, it was awesome, little pricey (but what isn't these days), but good!

Next we had a little break until My brother and his family came back through. This next time though we just spend doing family things and celebrating birthdays for nieces. One of my nieces, Hawley had a birthday that seemed to last for days since we kept doing things for her, but boy was it fun. We played a little family game of kickball that was a total blast! I haven't playedthat since elementary school and it was awesome.
It was hotter than crap, but so fun for all!! For those of you, (especially my family) if you look close at this pic you know exactly what I am doing!

We also went to a fun little place called Jump On It! Awesome for kids, exhausting for adults. It's just a building of tramps all put together. I never realized how hard it is to keep breathing and jumping. I was done after about 5 minutes, yet my little nieces and nephews went for a straight hour and were ready for more. My brother and I thought we were going to die by the end. I even got injured. While playing a wicked game of freeze tag my toe got caught on a spring and almost ripped it off.

At that point, I was done! Sorry, no pic of that, wouldn't want to gross anyone out!! It turns out little kids fly across these tramps like mesquitos on water. Yet, my brother and I lob from tramp to tramp because we weigh so much more. It was pretty funny to watch the difference.

We also took a nice drive up the canyon by the blazing fire at bridal veil, which let me add a quick annoyance......people who play with fire and start forest fires.....I just want to say, really, how retarded are you?!?!!? get some sense and grow up!! Anyways, enough of that. We went and got super yummy shakes at Granny's drive in up in Heber.

We also enjoyed a lot of pool fun! A good way to keep cool and keep the kids entertained enough to give you some peace for a little bit!

You always need to have a little bit of chicken fighting! We hit the pool a couple of times!!!


Our last day was a BLAST!!!! We spent it up at the Park City Ski Resort. We went down the Alpine Slide and rode the Coaster, which was sooooo awesome! The coaster is just a mini roller coaster in the mountains on a little sled, so fun! We ended the day taking lots of fun pictures with all of us. You'll notice the BYU apparel, (which my sister-in-law and I tend to match, flip flops, shirts, pants.....we have good taste) which we bought earlier that day at the pricey BYU bookstore. I have so many pictures that I wanted to post that I didn't even know which ones to choose. I have so many more and so many other things that we did! We did eat a lot and not very healthy so I think all of us packed on a few extra pounds. Well, I better close now that I posted all these great pics! Enjoy them, sorry they aren't better labeled. I just had so many I wanted up I didn't know where to start! The summer is flying by way to fast and it is almost over which makes me soooo sad. I feel like I have had a great summer with my family. So many other things have happened that I really wouldn't know where to start. I still have a couple weeks left, but it will be full of preparation for moving. Though, this summer will be one to remember!! And a little P.S. I'm still working on this whole blog thing, so sorry if it isn't very creative or organized, I'm still figuring all of it out! To all my family, I love you all so much and wish we were closer more often! Know that I'm thinking about all of you daily and love you soooo much!!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hungry and Homeless

Ok, so for those at work, many will be familar with these pictures. Emily and I had a little down time at work one day and were talking about my lack of finances as I'm preparing to move. As we all have seen at the gas stations there are the little jars with sad little faces on it and a paragraph explaining the sad lives of these individuals. We decided that yes my life is sad enough and we took some pictures to try and help me so that when I left for nursing school I wouldn't be "hungry and homeless." These pictures brought a number of laughs, as was meant to occur. We took a plastic cup and pasted these beautiful pictures on it along with a paragraph describing my sad situation and my need for funds so that my face will not be seen at the homeless shelter. It started something like this..."Say 'YES' to Andra, and you can transform her life!" I felt it deserved atleast a brief post since I'm so willing to let others see such beautiful pictures of myself. It made for a good laugh and collection cup of random and useless items. For those of you truly concerned I am still looking for a place to live and have not come upon one yet. Feel free to send a pray my way. I need all the help I can get. Here are a couple more for entertainment purposes. A shout out to Emily as the photographer and also in the creation of such an entertaining cup. Don't I look as pathetic as I could possible get. Just looking at them gives me a bit of a giggle.

New Babies....and my fear of motherhood....

Ok, so I love newborn babies, they are just so precious and so incredibly beautiful it is amazing to see them. One of my bestest friends just had her second baby and see she is soooo beautiful. Isn't it amazing to just think how innocent these little things are. So I have to come realize from all my friends having babies what it is that I am really scared of. I know having a little baby will be soooo hard, and little kids also will test my patients as much as humanly possible. What I have come to realize is that there are two main things that I'm scared of when I think of becoming a mom. First of all, giving labor. I have had nightmares about this and boy does it scared me to go through labor itself. Next, having teenagers. I know this sounds so weird but I'm not terrified of them being babies or little kids but I when they grow up and they keep you up worrying all night about where they are, they get rebellious, and they can get themselves into real trouble. I think of myself as a teenager and get terrified. I know for most this may be true, but boy does it scare me. Can't I just keep them until that age and them give them back? I know I will adore them by then but this is definitely the age range that scares me the most. I just hope that I can be a good mom. Anyways, back to what is important....Isn't Kelsey's little fam sooooo cute!!!

It's so great to me to see my friends having babies and seeing there sweet little families grow. One day my blog will be about a family of my own. Until then others babies will be posted from time to time.

I love you Kels!! You are a beautiful mom! To all my other friends and family who are moms or are going to be, I love you all and know that all of you are amazing and beautiful women and the worlds best moms. I love you all so much and look up to each and everyone of you for different and specific reasons. Keep up the good work!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Go Green.....Ali's last day...

I'm starting my morning off with a post. It's so sad when someone has to leave. Dear little Ali at work is moving away so we had a fun little pizza party and also a little photo shoot to keep us entertained all the day long. Here is a picture of me and my blogger heroes. All along they supported me and told me to make a blog and over and over again I denied, then one day, bam! It was the day! I love this pic because Ali is so much taller that she has to lean her head over so far it might fall off. . Work friends are great!

Next we have Ali and I prepared for the worst! MRSA, here we come, no messing with us!

You've got to love that personal protective equiptment! It also so happened to be a day of green. On some random days it so happens that many of the same employees will all wear the same color scrubs. Today was Green Day!! Go Green! So many of us wore green that we decided it was picture time.

Our little friend Rojas is running a little late, so this picture is just of all us hot looking ladies in our hospital green scrubs!!!

Here we all are.....The green team! Such a fun crew! I love my work and my coworkers. They are all so wonderful and Ali leaving made me realize how sad I am to leave such wonderful people. Here are just a couple close up's taken for pure entertainment.

A little close up fun for all! Emily has the greatest grin ever! Check out those pearly whites! Well, I love my work and all those I work with! Ali best of luck and we must stay in touch! Thanks for helping me to understand the blogging world, I will need much more help as I continue down this road! And remember as shown in the above pictures, our dear wall at work, "Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart!" Don't forget us!! P.S. One day Ali, you will see Pedro appear, just for your viewing pleasure! =-)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Disneyland....The happiest place on earth!

Ok, So I need to do a little ode to my family. We just took a family vacation in June and went to Disneyland and it turns out Cinderellas castle there is so much smaller than I remember it being, yet it was still so magical. You really just have to love being there. You are so tired, wasted, sore, etc...all the time and yet you keep going and going and going. I love my family and I love being with them. Just look how happy my cute little nieces and nephews are, it truly is the happiest little place on earth. It seems like you walk a hundred miles, spend a ridiculous amount of money on food, and yet, it's just a world of it's own and you feel happy just being there, how do you not love this place. So to my family, thank you, I love you all and hope we have more wonderful family adventures.

Lots of loved ones!!

Bitter Sweet.....

So for quite a while I always said I will never be a blogger! Over and over I said it, but here I am beginning my own personal blog. I have always thought what do I have to talk about on a blog, so I guess I'll find out. Please don't expect anything too entertaining. As you can see my title is even very "original" if you will. So any thoughts on a witty title would be greatly appreciated. Well, in a month I will be moving down south to the desert, St. George, Utah. I'm excited for the fact I got into nursing school and will be moving forward with my schooling, but sad that I am leaving so many family, friends, loved ones, such as my dear boyfriend Jeremy, and lets be honest my free rent. It's gonna be a killer. So I'm working on getting housing and things going soon so that I do have somewhere to live in a month. Hence the bitter sweet. It will be a new adventure and hopefully it will be exciting enough to have things to post about. So it turns out I don't have any pictures of just myself so I will start by posting a few with other wonderful people in my life. Well, this is just a starter post, I am now an official "blogger."