Friday, January 29, 2010

Where in the WORLD has time gone!!!

So honestly, I decided tonight to get onto my blog, since it has been FOREVER and see when the last time I wrote was and yea, that would be Yea, little bit of a slacker. But that is ok! Quick update, Passed last semester with a 3.88 I think and on to my last semester of nursing school, so crazy I know, who knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel!!

So I don't really have many pictures to post, so I'll will just post the couple I have since the last time I wrote and tell ya what they are and then as always, I will try to keep up with my blogging!! =-)

So here I am on a weekend home with my super cute little niece Kiya Leanne.....I love her it's just fluffed but it's totally curly!
Here I am in front of the Oakland Temple over the Thanksgiving when Daryl took me up to see the light display and walk around the grounds.

I love this pic of my friend linds, we laughed so hard. This is at my friend Brit's B-day party in November and she was taking a pic of us....

Here is Brit, Me, and Sarah at the pizza factory for Brit's B-day!

This was moving day for my sister into my parents house and I was there to help and we were cold and trying to cover up our double chins!!

Just a little sisterly love!!

This was my co-workers bachelorette party at texas roadhouse with a bunch of other co-workers, it was a crazy night....but I left before the real craziness began!!! But I love these girls!
So there atleast are some random pictures so that you all know that I am alive amazingly enough! Daryl did take me to Wicked and it was sooooooo amazing I would go every weekend if I could, and Daryl even liked it!! So I'm about 3 weeks into my semester and it's weird because it doesn't seem like it's supposed to be over yet, but at the same time it's a sense of relief. It is a little worrisome thinking of all the things I feel I need to know, but I'm hoping it all just comes in time! Oh, and many of you probably don't know I'm living in a condo that my family bought. I live by myself which is a little weird at times, but other times it's great! Well, That's all I can think of right now, I will, as always, say I will make some kind of an effort to keep up on my blog, but no promises, all I can do is try! Love you all!!!