Friday, February 20, 2009

Where have the past 2 months gone....

So I haven't posted I'm sitting here at work and so excited to finally be doing it for once. The past 2 months have flown by. All I do is study, I'm not gonna lie. This semester has kept me on my toes. We have 2-3 tests a week and clinicals that keep us nice and busy. I'm normally a pretty organized person, but these days my brain feels extremely scattered from all that I have to get done. So instead of boring you with all of my school fun i'll load some pictures from a couple trips I made to vegas and some time with friends. Beginning of the year my friend Carie came down and we decided to hit vegas for some shopping and a little fun for the day.

So here is our amazing bed, that I will explain a little story about it later, but it was at mandalay bay and the room was awesome!
Carie and I in the hotel lobby!

Trying to take our own picture in the lobby!

Driving to vegas in Mahonna the honda! (that is Carie's car's name)

This is a great picture that Carie so kindly took while I was filling gas. That is my big ol' booty! According to my dear friend Kristin at work she quoted "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard"

This is when we were going to Ceasars Palace and I found a hottie to take a pic with!

Outside Cheesecake Factory waiting to get some yummy yummy food!

My vanilla bean cheesecake that I now crave everyday of my life, thanks to Daryl.

Getting ready to eat my cheesecake.....and I was kind enough to share it with Carie....I know, I'm nice

This is my other love and what I crave to eat everyday of my life....AVOCADO EGGROLLS! They are my passion and everyone should eat them!! Now i'm hungry! Our room was way cool, but I'm going to move on to pictures of my next Vegas adventure. It was in the middle of the semester when I needed a break from all the studying. Brit, Linds, and I headed down, found a super cheap hotel, shopped and ate at Cheesecake Factory, because, let's be honest, for me it is a must to eat there whenever possible. It turns that all there is to do in St. George is make Vegas trips....ya know, sin city baby! The morning after heading back, doesn't it look like I had a super late night in our matching jackets....

All of us at breakfast after a long night of walking, shopping, and eating....don't worry, the best 10 bucks in the world was spent when we decided to take the taxi back to the hotel because our feet were gonna fall off.

You can see linds taking the pic!

Bath and body works had 3 dollar items....and boy do they make good gifts......

More cheesecake for us to share......oh good!!!

random fountain at the miracle mile shops in planet hollywood.

Us chillin on the strip and everyone and there dog had "big boy drinks" aka, huge freakin cups of alcohol.....gotta love vegas....pretty sure we were the only sober ones!

Brit and I just lookin' cute!

Here's to vegas baby!!! Who needs alcohol when you got straight H2o!!! On the rocks please. We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot. Some random guy that night that walked by us told me how much he liked my hips and kept getting me to shake them, oh the people we meet!!!

Aren't we all so cute getting ready for a night on the town!

This is one of our sweet beds in our hotel room!
Sorry random pic from my last cali trip, I have a few others but for now this is all that is making it on the blog, me at the palace of fine arts after being lost for an hour (and then soon after that another couple hours of being lost in San Fran)
Me and cute, I stole his hat and wouldn't give it back until he took a pic with me! He's gonna be such a heart breaker!!!

Me and my St. George Family, Linds, Derek, ella, and dylan!

Me and kels when she came down with her cute little family for the weekend!

Kels, Inara, and me at the bowling alley with her cute fam and my cute st. george fam! We bowled and had a good ol time! I love when friends come to visit!
Ok, so these are really the only adventures I've had in the last 2 months. I did take another trip to cali, but will have to write about it later. I'm at work, so I need to do some patient care. If any of you are ever patients in the hospital please don't pee on the floor, the nurses don't really appreciate it and it makes for a long night when all your patients are doing it. Well, all is good with work and school, just busier than busy, but chugging along just doing my thing. I will really try to blog more.....Love ya all!!!!