Thursday, April 1, 2010

Light at the End of the Tunnel and Spring Break

Here is my graduation invitation, sorry not everyone is getting one, I didn't really think about everyone I needed to send one to when I was printing them so everyone is invited, I just couldn't get them all out!! My graduation pics won't load right now so I'll load them on a separate entry!

So over spring break in March I went to disneyland and huntington beach and LA, to Hollywood. A quick sidenote, I seem to blog when I have the most to get done, not when I'm bored....little weird, but true. So here are some pictures. The weather was perfect in the 70's and the lines weren't long!!! Perfection!
Huntington Beach, super windy, but beautiful day

La Brea Tar Pits in LA, pretty freaking cool

Walk of fame, Frank Sinatra and Julie Andrews

Marilyn Monroe, and underneath it the inscription says "gentleman prefer blondes"

Hugh Jackman

Hard Rock in Hollywood, David Cook totally sat at the table next to us and my friend linds took a pic of her kids with him, it was kinda cool to see a real life star!!! =-)

Me at the castle in disneyland

Getting on spacemountain, I feel like I look like a little kid all excited, I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty excited. I think we rode it like 5 times and I swear it's faster then it was....

Me at the bugs life 3d show, it's a fun little show to go to I just love the glasses!

We ate at the blue bayou and they had the yummiest gumbo and monte cristo sandwich, to die for!!! It's to dark to see the pirates ride going behind us, but it's there!